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The Apple iPhone 6

The much anticipated Apple iPhone 6 has been officially announced and, although not exactly revolutionary, it does address some of the main issues which has allowed Android devices to explode in popularity.

The new Apple iPhone 6 will be released in a number of sizes, colours and storage sizes. The biggest improvement for most people is the increase in the screen size. The Apple iPhone 6 will be 4.7″ in size and the second variant of the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus, will have a 5.5″ screen. Both devices will come in silver, gold and gray and either 16gb, 64gb or 128gb of storage.

One other key feature is the NFC enabled ApplePay system which allows you to make mobile payments with your phone. This feature will be rolled out in the US initially and world wide at a later date.

The device will still have a 8 megapixel camera however the camera is expected to be higher quality than previous cameras with a 2.2 aperture lens.

In terms of pricing, outright pricing is on par with the iPhone 5s however the iPhone 6 Plus will be more expensive. Apple iPhone 6 plans will be released shortly by the carriers closer to the release date of 19th September.


Wine startups are challenging the big players

The current state of wine sales in Australia see’s a similar domination to that of supermarkets, with huge control by two suppliers being Coles and Woolworths. Coles and Woolworths have control of the biggest wine retailer brands in Australia including Dan Murphy’s, BWS, Liquorland and Vintage Cellar. This huge control over the wine retail market is being tested with the growing popularity of a number of online stores selling direct to consumers. One such online store is WineMarket who are grabbing a huge share of the online wine market.

They have achieved popularity with online sales with strong promotional methods including offering consumers a WineMarket coupon.

Other wine sites doing well include Naked Wines who offer consumers a unique and exclusive wine labels. Their business has grown over 40% faster than expectations and continues to perform well.

Wine Angels is another wine venture with an interesting twist. Customers pay $40 a month to be a part of the funding for wine makers. This gives customers access to exclusive tastings, meet and greets and feedback.

Chain Reaction Cycles struggling to maintain profitability

Chain Reaction Cycles is one of the biggest online biking equipment and gear retailers in the world and in their strategy to expand worldwide, they have taken a huge hit in profitability.

The company has recently reported that profits at the company are down 91%. This represents a drop of over 9 million pounds. Revenue on the other hand, has increased a healthy amount, up 14% from what it was in 2011.

Considering margins remain stable, the reason for the reduction in profit seems to be due to the huge expansion that Chain Reaction Cycles is doing worldwide. The company’s biggest cost seems to be it’s take-on of new employees with the numbers jumping from 465 to 614.

Despite the drop in profit, the company is considered to be in a healthy position with the attraction to cycling still strong world wide. Positives for the company is that cycling is becoming a way for people to beat traffic and be green.  If you’re looking for a bike, use a  Chain Reaction Cycles coupon on your next purchase.

Australian companies losing their grip on the hotel market

Webjet and Wotif has been a huge force in the Australian travel market, taking control of much of the bookings that occur within from within Australia.

Due to the relatively small size of the Australian market, bigger international competitors have previously not put in much effort in seizing market share. Recently however, this has changed and the international power houses are starting to specifically target the Australian market.

Booking.com is one such company has made a push into the Australian market by spending money on a television campaign to build brand recognition. The push has dramatically helped Booking.com and has seen it surpass Wotif.com and Webjet in unique visitor numbers.

As a result, Wotif and Webjet have issued numerous profit warnings and a grim outlook. Wotif has also signaled that it will have to increase advertising spend due to the competition it is now receiving. It is expected that even with this marketing spend, market share will still drop by 7%. The big difficulty is that international companies such as Booking.com have deeper pockets and the ability to offer customers a Booking.com coupon to use.

The best chance for the companies is to beat these international competitors at what matters most, getting to the top of Google search.


Google to develop smart contact lenses

In an interesting development in Google’s product cache, they have inadvertently announced that they are starting to develop smart contact lenses.

The eventual goal of the product will be to allow a camera to be embedded into the device allowing recording of whatever the wearer sees. The wearer will be able to control functions of the camera by using blinking actions.

In the meantime, Google plan on utilising the technology to help those with diabetes. The plan is to indicate to the person wearing the lenses that there is an increase in their glucose levels.

Glucose in those affected by diabetes will change as they perform different levels of physical activity. Having a large drop in glucose levels can be dangerous and needs diligent checking to keep on top of it.

Having this functionality embedded in the contact lenses can easily notify the person that there is an issue with their glucose levels and avoids the person having to prick themselves to check their levels.


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